What is Traffic Generation?

Your website is up and running, all of that time and effort not to mention money spent on it appears to be worthwhile at first glance. Pause a moment – the biggest challenge is not setting up your site, it is traffic generation. How do you attract your target audience to your site?

You will find several sites offering tips for traffic generation; it is recommended that you read this article to find out what the two main types of traffic are and how to go about attracting them.

Traffic to websites has been broadly classified into targeted or quality traffic and click through or quantity traffic. Let us delve a little deeper into the subject to provide a better understanding of it.

Targeted traffic stems from potential customers who use search engines to find specific sites. Let us assume you are selling fishing boats and a customer does a search and turns up your website. This customer would constitute targeted traffic, since the customer knows exactly what they are looking for.

With click through traffic you have people who land on your site by clicking on links on other sites. This traffic generation method consists of people who did not set out to find your site. They landed on it because of the interest caused by a link, which compelled the person to click through to land on your site.

While targeted traffic seeks out your site through search engines, articles, blogs or even mailing list subscriptions, click through traffic is considered cold market. They did not set out to find you and know nothing about the product or service you offer; they only learn about you after landing on your site.

Without web traffic generation online marketing will not be successful. You have to attract people to your site to buy from you. Some tips for traffic generation which will boost your revenue include:

  • Making use of article marketing – the more you index and re-index your site through the use of backlinks, the better your search engine rankings will be. Write some quality articles relevant to your site and submit to the hundreds of free and paid directories online.
  •  Another useful tip is to make use of social bookmarking – when you submit articles to directories you can put the articles on your site as well. Search engines are constantly looking for fresh, new content and pages with lots of sites, which are regularly updated. Simply submit your links to social bookmarking sites to get high quality links.

Tips: Find good directory sites that have high Google page rank and submit to it. Your backlinks should be created on sites with higher page ranking than your site – quality as well as quantity matter.

Good luck with “earning increased revenue” through increased traffic generation!