The Importance Of Article Writing

You need to put back, the importance of article writing on your websites and blogs. When looking to reach the largest online audience, content is king. Filling your site with quality article writing, videos, blogs and fresh information is a great way to keep visitors coming back to your site day after day. Creating well-written articles is an art form. When writing articles for your site, there are a few helpful tips that will make your writing stand out.

  • Write to Your Audience Know your audience before you write. Make note of their level of education, age and comprehension level. Keep your writing short, around 350 – 400 words and concise for readers that scan instead of reading the entire text. Remember that when you have a blog about cameras the reader wants your articles to be about cameras, photography, quality photo paper and lens, they don’t care about recipes or horseshoeing.


  • Include a Call to Action It is not enough to simply write information your reader has come to you for answers and suggestions.  Ask your readers to subscribe to your blog, purchase your products or schedule a consultation. Article writing is a information with sales tactics, so use your words to provide information, answers and provide them with products that will help them. Sometimes your articles will include links to contact forms or a button to share on social networking sites this is another call to action that you are asking your reader to do and it helps to put you in touch with more future readers and clients. Asking your reader to use these help you to see that what you are writing was important enough that they wanted to share your information with others and most importantly that you are on the right track. Let your reader know what you want them to do.


  • Tell Them About the Author Readers want to know that the author is credible. They want to know who is speaking to them and what their qualifications are. Create an author’s resource bio that includes information on you the author, what are your experiences, do you have any other works that your reader might be interested in, have your provided links to your other articles? When publishing and “writing articles for your websites and blogs,” keep these handy tips in mind to keep your writing fresh and relevant. This will keep your readers coming back for more and will bring you the traffic your site deserves.