Is It Really Possible To Make Money Online?

Yes! You betcha! People are doing it!

It is possible to successfully make money online, but not if you think that money is just going to zip-zap right into your bank account. Here are some of the main reasons that cause many people to give up on online marketing…

The first reason that will hold you back is your knowledge of computers, html code and WYSIWYG (or “what you see is what you get”). You will find the, “stay at home and make money websites” that say you can be up and running, making money right away and while it may or may not be true, it will still be based on your knowledge and skills with the computer. I found that as I started with my first few ventures of making money online that it was to my benefit to learn basic html code. There are many website online that can teach you the basics.

The second reason is because people still believe the fairy tale where over night they will start making great sums of money and will only need to work a few hours a week to acquire it. Wrong, Scam, Unrealistic, and Foolish thinking!

There are a vast majority of Get-Rich-Quick Scams out on the internet today and it is very hard to know how to sift through all the crap that is online and find companies that want to see you be successful. We have all been told that we have to work with dedication for our money and that nothing comes free in life so why do we jump at the chance to make money without working for it? People can and do make money without working for it, but only after spending the time to make your online presence known, then money will start to trickle in, then you will start to see deposits increasing… and then one morning you will wake up go to your computer and realize that you actually made money while you slept! There are people that haven’t updated their sights in years and still receive an income from them.

The third reason people give up on online businesses is because they forget to look in the mirror and evaluate the work ethic of the person staring back. Are you Self Motivated? Do you have a Stick-To-It Attitude? Do you only want to put a couple of hours a week into your online business?

As in all things in life we will only GET BACK what we PUT INTO a project. The key to successfully making money online is to work it like a business. If you put in your 3-10 hours a week you will make some money but I can say with truthfulness that you will not make the BIG BUCKS without Investing Time, Self Motivation and having a Stick-To-It Attitude.