How to stay committed When You Work From Home

Working from home and being your own boss has a very nice ring to it!  In fact more companies are turning to this work method to enhance staffs productivity and reduce employee stress related issues.  Long commutes take the heaviest toll on people who go into offices on a daily basis.

There is a whole section of upcoming entrepreneurs who are setting up their own businesses big or small and working out of their own homes.  There is no doubt several benefits to be had when you work from home.  They include but are not limited to: being your own boss; complete flexibility in setting your own work timings; doing away with tedious commuting; stress free work atmosphere and attaining a work-life balance can be termed the most important benefits.

There is a downside to working from home if you are not of a disciplined nature; it is very easy to become side tracked into doing things around the house or getting involved in family doings.  If not these distractions surfing the internet can be quite a distraction.  Some tips to help you stay focused and dedicated to your work from home venture include:

One of the first things you need to do before you begin to work from home is set up a designated work space – working off your living room couch simply will not do.  You need to feel the seriousness of a work atmosphere.  Establish a little mini-office that holds all of your office equipment and work paraphernalia, when you step inside your home office you should feel ready to go to work!

Dress up each morning when you are ready to go to your home office and begin your work day as you would if you went to a regular office. You would not go into work in your pajamas or nightwear now would you?

You should have a proper work schedule that you need to adhere to.  Set your working hours right from the beginning and keep them separate from family time.  Set aside break times as well and make sure to stick fast to your work schedule.

Before you begin to work from home, sit your family down and explain to them the seriousness of working from home.  Make it clear you are not to be disturbed every 5 minutes when they cannot find the pop tarts or milk!

Always begin your day with a clear ‘To Do’ list.  This should become habit forming because it sets the tone for seriousness in your work.  You should never go into your office without a plan for the day ahead.
When you decide to work from home, the success or failure of your business rests solely in your hands.

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