How to Create An Effective Squeeze Page

While the debate continues to rage over the actual definition of squeeze pages, one of the more common definitions is a web page containing information that interests the advertiser’s target audience.  These pages are designed to acquire the reader’s name, email address and other contact information.  This is done by getting the reader to opt-in to an email list. 

While some people believe that landing pages with links to information are also squeeze pages, others are firmly of the opinion that only pages with email opt-in list sign ups are to be considered squeeze pages.

Due to the veritable explosion of spam and viruses, internet users are extremely wary of who they give out email addresses and contact information to.  Advertisers use squeeze boxes to get you interested enough to supply your email address.  The advertiser then sends you updates on products to interest you in a purchase.
In order for a squeeze page to be successful, catchy sales copy, color and keyword rich text are combined in a psychologically attractive package to get the potential customer’s attention.  Some of the more advanced internet marketers make use of audio and video to attract customers.

The biggest advantage to a squeeze page box is the fact that it pops up on screen and you cannot help but view it.  In this way if it is very well designed it tends to be an attention grabber reaching out an unlimited number of customers who could be potential buyers.

Some tips to make your squeeze page effective are:

  • Follow the common rule in internet business – keep it simple.  Keep the design as simple as possible so that the customer is not detracted from what you are trying to promote.  Avoid cluttering the page with an excess of graphics and links.  Use large black text and red sparingly to highlight something really important.
  • Your headline should be catchy and attention grabbing.  Put the headline in large ‘not to miss’ font.  Ahead line that actually addresses a customer’s problem and promises a solution stands a better chance of attracting traffic.
  • List the reasons why a customer should sign up with you.  Clearly spell out the benefits of your product or service in solving the customer’s problem or meeting a need.
  • Put your sign up box in the most prominent position on the page.  A squeeze page’s main goal is to capture information.  Customers are not known for their patience; if they have to search for the sign up box its goodbye customer.

In summary, use your squeeze page to optimal advantage to attract and retain customers.