Creating Videos Easily With PLR EBooks

I recently came across a very good article on creating videos with PLR ebooks as a great way to increase your online profits. I’m hopeful that you will also find this information useful.

It wasn’t that long ago that ebooks were selling like hot cakes on eBay. They were easy to deliver via a digital download that could be automated and PLR rights were easy to come by. Meaning that you only needed to purchase the eBook once. You could then resell it many thousands of times.

Many sellers were oblivious to the fact that by selling these eBooks on eBay and on websites they were in fact building a list that would eventually allow them to sell similar products to these people again and again. Without the need for eBay. This cut down on their advertising costs and also helped increase sales ten fold!

Eventually eBay stopped these on-line marketers selling products as a digital download. Putting many of them out of business, ‘Overnight’.

Of course many sellers started to record them onto a C/D or DVD and managed to continue selling them as they were no longer classed as a digital download.

Although eBooks are still a great seller, people much prefer, Video. They much prefer to watch and listen rather than having the daunting task of reading a 100 page eBook.

So a great way of changing a PLR eBook is to repackage it as a video. This can then be sold on C/D or as a DVD, or even as a digital download if you are selling it off eBay.

Also another plus is that it is now worth more as a video, so you can buy a cheap eBook with PLR rights and change it to video, which in turn gives the product a much higher perceived value.

Another benefit of doing this is that you are now seen as the author. This gives you instant credibility and expert status in that chosen niche! It will also give you exposure to a much wider audience which in turn will help to get your name known around the internet.

Probably the hardest part will be designing a good sales page/letter and graphics. Of course these can be outsourced quite cheaply.

Also there are now services out their offering to convert your good old eBook into a real hard backed book. Again some great graphics will be required. Rewriting the content, bringing it bang up to date and making it, ‘Truly Your Own’ will also help.

This real tangible book can then be resold for profit on eBay or even on Amazon!

So not only will this improve your sales and give your name/branding exposure on the Internet but, will also help to build an ever growing list. Most importantly this will be a list of, ‘Buyers’. This is also a great plus. As a list of buyers will have a better sales conversion than one that is made up of free, ‘Opt-ins’.

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I think you will agree that Mark’s article has given you many new ideas for increasing your online profits and by creating videos with PLR ebooks. It is time to clean the dust off all your folders full of PLR’s and start creating videos with them. Need some help getting started, then I have a FREE instant-download report, What Does Your Marketing Videos Say About You, I think you will find it very useful.