Blog Marketing – 4 Effective Steps

 Blog Marketing is a new concept to a lot of bloggers but I hope to show you the importance of it and to give you 4 steps to marketing your blog or website. I thought that if I wrote interesting content that provided information, ideas, reviews and products then people would find my websites, well it didn’t happen. You may be having the same thoughts and problems about your websites but have no idea how to make the changes that will bring people to your site. IF, you have the content and your site is easy to navigate then you need to turn to marketing your blogs or websites. Below are 4 very effective steps that I use and you may already know them but, are you using these steps to their full potential of generating traffic?

SEO – Everyone that has a website understands the importance of how we rank in the “search engines” determines how fast we get noticed. Blog marketing your site using Search Engine Optimization will have the greatest impact when you make the keywords of your title and articles work for you.

Use Google’s Keyword Tool when researching your keywords, it is free and easy to use. Remember do not limit your keywords to single words like “TV’s” you will find the competition unbelievable; better to narrow it down by using a phrase, “HD flat screen 42 inches.” This will not only help you in the search rankings but it will also help you with visitors doing targeted searches.

BLOG COMMENTING – I enjoy visiting blogs and websites that are in my area of expertise and when I read articles that impressed me or that opened my eyes to something new then I comment on the article. On some sites I have developed a commenting relationship with the site’s owner, this give us more credibility as bloggers. Remember to leave useful comments instead of one or two words, you also need to keep in mind that this is not a time to push you or your products, you are there to “backlink” and “to build targeted traffic.”

GUEST BLOGGING – You will be amazed what guest blogging will do to your online traffic. There are many Blogs and Websites that want “guest writers” and being accepted by them is a great and effective way to Blog Marketing.

Once you are accepted as a guest blogger you will see increased traffic to your own blog or website through your signature and the link to your site. Being a guest blogger puts you in contact with the other bloggers, building up your ranking in search engines through backlinks and targeted traffic.

SOCIAL MARKETING – It is the quickest, easiest and the most enjoyable part of Blog Marketing. You can create your profile in the many different social sites that are on the Internet, make connections with other social marketers. Every time you write an article, submit it to your favorite social sites like Digg, Reddit, Technorati, Google Bookmarks, Delicious, Stumbleupon and don’t forget to post it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The best part of Blog Marketing is that it is FREE traffic generation! Yes, you will put in some time doing it but your wallet will remain in your purse or pocket.