Article Writing For Increased Traffic

Article writing is one of the most successful steps used in increased traffic generation to web sites. Making money online cannot be accomplished without traffic to your product sales page or to your web sites so reevaluated how and why you write articles, so that they generate traffic to your products and web sites.

Of course by now many of you are now moaning and rolling your eyes because writing does not come easy to a vast majority of you, however I have found that by using the simple outlines we all learned in school, I can put together an article in 25 to 35 minutes. Article writing is about knowledge that you the writer understand and know about and people going online looking to find information or answers to their questions. If your articles are in your area of expertise, well written and factual then your credibility increases and using a call to action so will your traffic.

Two unique things happen to well written, content rich articles, the first is that after reading your article the reader may choose to use it on their own blogs or web sites for content. In using your article on their blogs and website means that they have agreed to leave the article unchanged including all the links in the resource area. Your article is now on a web site other than your own and is being read by even more people, who are in turn increasing traffic to your web site when clicking on the links found in the resource area of your articles; this action is a great boost to your traffic generation and your standing within search engines.

The second thing that happens to a well written, content rich article is that the reader wants to know more about you and also wants to know what else you have written. This information is found in the resource area of your articles, it is your chance to capture traffic with a call to action, when they click through to your web site, sales page, or squeeze pages, so you need to give serious attention and thought to your resource area. People who click through to your web sites want more information whether you are giving away free information or selling products and they are willing to leave their names and emails to have it.

Article writing has always been the quickest way to bring increased traffic and leads to products and web sites but if you truly cannot put two sentences together or you know that your time would be better spent in other areas of your online business then consider outsourcing your article writing projects.

Just remember that millions of people are looking for information and answers online, if you are not providing it, someone else will be.